About Our Offices

The mission of the Lake County Regional Office of Education is to serve as an advocate for education by providing positive leadership, performing regulatory functions as directed by The School Code of Illinois and the Illinois State Board of Education, coordinating and delivering state and local services, and disseminating information for educators, school districts and the community.


The Regional Office of Education (ROE)

The Lake County Regional Office of Education works closely with many agencies of our community and state and local governments in helping to provide our children with the necessary tools for success in every sense of the word and to help shape and enrich their view of the world.

Not only are we determined that any Lake County citizen who has a need and a desire for an educational opportunity shall have it, we are firm in our belief that "every child should have an opportunity to be successful every day."


The Educational Services Division (ESD)

Lake County Educational Services (LCESD) is a division of the Lake County Regional Office of Education.  We provide staff development, workshops, training, graduate courses, consulting services, facilitation and planning services and technical assistance to schools and other educational agencies.

Illinois Teachers and Administrators are required to complete continuing professional development courses as part of their license renewal process.  Lake County Educational Services Division offers these courses to teachers and administrators at a reasonable cost. Lake County Professional Development Cooperative districts receive a discount on our workshops as well as in-district consultant assistance and media checkout privileges.


The Attendance & Truancy Division (ATD)

The Attendance & Truancy Division is Lake County's truancy and dropout prevention program funded by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) since 1985 and administered by the Lake County Regional Office of Education.

The division is an intervention tool that is available to all schools in Lake County.  Intervention occurs when schools refer students for poor attendance/truancy.  Counselors complete an assessment of all students referred and, with the school's input, develop an individualized plan.  The staff acts as referral agents and on-going liaisons between the schools and community resources.


The ROE Alternative Program (RSSP)

The ROE Alternative Program (also known as the Regional Safe School Program or RSSP) serves disruptive students in grades 6 – 12 who have received multiple suspensions, are eligible for expulsion, or have been expelled from school in Lake County, Illinois.

The students we serve often face long-term issues that influence their behavior and success in the classroom, including domestic violence, poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse. Without our program, students would have limited or no access to public educational services in the county.